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Systems in Healthcare Unit 1 IP Cassandra Waller AIU Online July 12, 2013 Systems in Healthcare As noted in a current federal report quality is one most demanding and persistent issues in mental health services and the execution of quality assurance and improvement (QA/I) systems is a promising process to improve care. There is an increase of requirement from accrediting bodies for the mental health agencies to spell out and execute plans to always monitor and enhance the quality of the services they will provide (Dr. Curtis McMillen, Dr. Luis E. Zayas, Ms. Samantha Books, and Madeline Lee, 2008). The modern QA/I system concentrate on deciding which outcomes and processes are more important and they determine the way to measure and monitor the processes so they may recognize the area which needs improvement. There focus is on finding out what is the main causes of finding the quality issues, implementing changes, planning resourceful solutions to the issues, and they keep monitoring and learning. The study entailed single semi structured interviews and interviews that were secondary structured in order to gather demographic information that has sample of 16 QA/I professionals who are employed with the private children’s mental health services agencies that are located in the St. Louis region, according to The QA/I professionals state their work is aimed at improving and monitoring (1) safety, (2) consumer perspectives, (3) service provision, (4) finance and productivity, (5) community perspectives, (6) consumer outcomes, and (7)staff issues and perspectives (Dr. Curtis McMillen, Dr. Luis E. Zayas, Ms. Samantha Books, and Madeline Lee, 2008). Beside of creating coverage for all, thriving health reform count on improving the controlling rising costs and quality of care. Blue Shield of California (BSC), a leader in reform, is

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