Systems and Multicultural Approaches

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Individual Systems and Multicultural Approaches CJHS/400 January 29, 2015 Instructor Systems and Multicultural Approaches The systems theory is the general study of interdisciplinary systems, which goal is to apply principles to every type of systems of different levels and all types of research fields. There is an advantage of the system theory that has the potential to give framework that is trans disciplinary for an exploration that is very critical of the relationship among conceptions and perceptions, and also about the words they declare to represent. Studies of human perception and cognitive development are starting to count on the systems approach more and more. In psychotherapy and the treatment there are several of approaches needed. Each situation and person is very different; this means that not every treatment is the same for everyone to be effective. It is different because what works on someone does not mean that it will work on another person. The family system is a type of study which is based in family therapy. The general systems are the basic for this type of therapy. It states individuals on the family systems theory that they cannot be comprehended in separation from one another however as part of the family. The emotional units of the family are independent and interconnected individuals. Nothing can be comprehended while being away from the system. Every family member has rules to respect and follow. The behavior of every family member has an effect on other family members, and that is the family system. According to the National Register of Health Service Psychologists (2005) “We define multicultural therapies as therapeutic practices that are founded on a worldview that accepts and appreciates diversity between groups of individuals and embraces 1) transcultural interactions and learning, b) respect for the cohesive function
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