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1. Queensland University Technology Internet Management System: In planning and reviewing an organisation’s administrative system, I have chosen to select my casual employer Queensland University Technology to research their ageing internet management system “Net Check”. From October 2010, Queensland University Technology undertook research to evaluate the Net Check internet access service and interviewed relevant support staff to assess the university’s future internet, accounting and billing requirements. Relevant stakeholders identified that the current internet management system needed to be improved, in order to service the needs of the university and the growing student population. The university then undertook an expansive project to upgrade Net Check’s old internet access service to a more sufficient and user-friendly internet management system known as “Internet Access”. The Internet Access Management system will be implemented as Queensland University Technology’s new internet access service as of September 2011. As required in this assessment, I will be reviewing Queensland University Technology’s internet management system and will identify the required modifications to the Net Check system as well as the system improvements offered by the new internet access service. The university’s main stakeholders and system users that needed to be considered as part of the system upgrade will be outlined as well as the university’s policies and procedures for obtaining quotes and selecting system developers. 2. The main objectives for upgrading and modifying the Net Check system was to: * Improve student and staff internet service at the university * Enhance the user experience and functionality of the internet and online self-care portal * Provide internet access that is more efficient and user friendly for official visitors to

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