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In Database Management Systems (DBMS), there is a constraint as to how to order data as it is being stored or recorded in the system. For that reason the is a concept called cardinality constraints as referring to business database systems in which cardinality constraint, comes in with an order of importance as to highlight things that have different deadlines as to comply with business time frames in industry. For that reason as for the example of the database system for a vehicle maintenance center, there has to be several constraints as for having a record of cars as they are checked in for maintenance, type of car, service needed, cost of service, material needed for maintenance service, and cost of maintenance. All of these categories will fall into cardinal constraints in this business and because customers are waiting for cost and then results for the money they paid, a record of progress is needed as for keeping a record of deadlines. The four types of cardinality constraints fall into; a) Optional One, b) Mandatory one, c) Optional many, d)Mandatory many. Cardinality constraints will serve as a to help to keep track of each phase of the maintenance process of a given car and stay on deadlines as for cars which will need a rush, fast track and routine service. All of the will be stored in given identities within the database as it has organized for different maintenance needs. As an example, at my work place there is not database implemented just yet, but if there was. The main idea would be to keep constraints as for first come-first served for routine phone repairs, and if the customer wants to pay an extra rush fee then the phone will be treated first. As of now we do not have a database, but if we were to have one it will fall into the category where everything will get repaired as for how much the customer paid. And will fall into its own identity

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