System Recovery Plan Template

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[System Name] Security Categorization: High [Organization Name] Information System Contingency Plan (ISCP) Version [#] [Date] Prepared by [Organization Name] [Street Address] [City, State, and Zip Code] toc Plan Approval Provide a statement in accordance with the agency’s contingency planning policy to affirm that the ISCP is complete, and has been tested sufficiently. The statement should also affirm that the designated authority is responsible for continued maintenance and testing of the ISCP. This statement should be approved and signed by the system designated authority. Space should be provided for the designated authority to sign, along with any other applicable approving signatures. A sample language is provided below: As the designated authority for {system name}, I hereby certify that the information system contingency plan (ISCP) is complete and that the information contained in this ISCP provides an accurate representation of the application, its hardware, software, and telecommunication components. I further certify that this document identifies the criticality of the system as it relates to the mission of the {organization name}, and that the recovery strategies identified will provide the ability to recover the system functionality in the most expedient and cost-beneficial method in keeping with its level of criticality. I further attest that this ISCP for {system name} will be tested at least annually. This plan was last tested on {insert exercise date}; the test, training, and exercise (TT&E) material associated with this test can be found {TT&E results appendix or location}. This document will be modified as changes occur and will remain under version control, in accordance with {organization name}’s contingency planning policy. {System Owner Name} Date {System Owner Title} 1. Introduction Information systems are

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