System Manegment Report Final

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Organization can enhance its business by using management information system, decision support system and knowledge management system .Knowledge Management and Information Systems Strategy for Growing Organizations examines the role that information systems play in helping SMEs use knowledge to achieve strategic organizational goals. Adopting a business perspective, it is ideal for students studying strategic information systems and knowledge management. ‘’Knowledge management System” *What it is? Knowledge management System is Knowledge-based information systems that support the creation, organization and dissemination of business knowledge to employees and managers throughout a company. *Why it’s important? KMS are developed to help contact centre operations meet this challenge. By having answers for the costumer’s questions in central repository, so they can search and find the correct answer quickly. * Other tangible benefits include : -Greater consistency and accuracy of information to costumers. -Improved response times. -make the costumer satisfied -more effective feedback from users on the quality -provide reports to help contact center managers to make them job *What is knowledge management principle? 1- Time less. 2- Changeless 3-Universal 4- And scalable These principle like the heart of the matter” the fundamental source *How to implement: -a hosted service provided by an application service provider -deployed for a wide range of knowledge. -configured for use by contact centre agents. As an answer tool. -Support multiple languages and all communication (call, email, web, chat) -integrated with other contact centre service components *forces driving knowledge management: 1. Increasing domain complexity 2. Accelerating market volatility. 3. Intensified speed of responsiveness. 4. Diminishing

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