System Development Life Cycle Essay

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Systems Development Life Cycle Tasha Post Axia University of Phoenix XBIS/219 \September 9, 2012 Helena Robinson Systems Development Life Cycle The System Development Life Cycle is often used for companies that need to complete large IT projects. There is a system of eight phases that the IT department goes through during the completion of the project. These eight phases are Systems Investigation, System Analysis, System Design, Programming, Testing, Implementation, Operation, and for the last phase Maintenance. Each of these phases must be completed first before moving on to the next phase and cannot be added or modified once the top management has made its final approval. Each of these eight phases plays a major role in the Systems Development Project. The first phase system Investigation is mainly used to investigate the business problem using the feasibility study, this study analyzes the proper development project that should be used for the company, looks at the technical options available to solve the business problem, and examines the problems the company might come across during the system development process. System Analysis is used to look at the business problem more thoroughly; it identifies the cause of the problem, specifies the solution, and identifies the information requirements. The third phase System Design is used to design many items such as hardware, software, telecommunications, and system output and inputs. These designs can be broken up into logical and physical designs. The fourth phase Programming is mainly used to translate information into computer codes. The fifth phase testing is used to detect any errors, mistakes, or bugs that had occurred in the computer codes. The sixth phase implementation means converting the old system to the new system, this method usually involves using
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