System Design and Analysis

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Cover Letter April 4, 2014 SYGN Technologies International 1809 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 7Z6 Dr. RheinschloBe Secretary General UNIO, Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany. RE: Feasibility of Telecardiology Systems Dear Dr. RheinschloBe, First of all, my colleagues and I would like to thank you for inviting us to participate at the 2014 Systems Development Conference in Berlin, Germany. At SYGN Tech. we believe and share the same vision as the UNIO of providing effective and efficient healthcare to the entire world. In order for such a vision to be realized one must conduct due diligence of the past and current healthcare systems to anticipate how to better the future systems. Thus, we pride ourselves in developing systems that will be geared towards preventing and treating cardiac related diseases, while making sure that primary healthcare is paramount. As one of the presenters at this year’s conference, SYGN Tech. was able to present the feasibility of telecardiology systems to the UNIO board members in order to create a strategic partnership to assist in combating cardiac related diseases. Furthermore, we were able to bring to the attention of the delegates the limitations of the current systems and the benefits that will be obtained from the implementation of our system globally. Like the UNIO, we strongly believe cardiac related diseases are a pandemic and needs to be prevented and treated if not completely eradicated. In addition, my colleagues and I really enjoyed attending this year’s conference. It was a great pleasure for us to learn about other systems development organizations in the international arena as well as other upcoming systems designs around the world looking towards 2040. I am confident that the

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