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R & J Manpower Service Payroll System In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Systems Analysis and Design (IT 321) College of Computer Studies Central Philippine University Submitted to: Mr. Rodney Gicana Submitted by: Catherine Corteza Summer 2007 1.1 Background of the Study R&J Manpower Service started last year. It is owned by Mr. Rodolfo C. Gonzales.their are over 300 employees working in this business, 4 office staffs, and over 200 man pooling workers. They are currently working with the Philippine Foremost Corporation The R&J manpower Service is located at Brgy. Nabitasan Lapuz Iloilo City.Monitoring The service actually is called man pooling because they received work form other company to bring their sacks through man pooling system. We had decided to work on their system for their System Payroll Attendance (Login/Logout)R&J Manpower Service is not yet Computerized. All the processes are done manually. Our Goal is Computerize the system by creating a computerized payroll system and use a hi-Tech login/logout system (Thumb mark scanning device). The service form the manual service goes this way. The client will deliver the money to the company of R&J manpower Service. The team leader of the group of the man pooling service will get the payment from the company and he will also distribute the cash to his man. The company will give the report of the management report if the service is done and how many people will go to the client for the said task. It is given to the management of the company. The clerk will be the distributor of the cash that will be given to the team leader of the man pooling company. And the insurance will be deducted by the clerk of the company from the cash that must be given to the employee. The SSS will also be deducted by the clerk through the payroll. The man pooling records
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