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Sysco's Solution Dane Tomaszewski CIS/207 December 8, 20114 William Glassen Sysco's Solution Introduction Systems and Services Company, otherwise known and Sysco Corporation, is the largest food-service distributor in the country. Due to constant growth and a lack of existing solutions, in 1995 Sysco began to develop a cohesive system of its own. (Hess, 2010) They reached out to Dematic, a logistics solutions company that is a subsidiary of Siemens. (Dematic, 2006). Sysco credits their IT systems in helping the company fair through the post 9/11 economic slump. (InformationWeek, 2014) Currently they are using the homegrown ERP, or enterprise resource planning, system called Sysco Uniform System , or SUS. (The Wall Street Transcript, 2014) “All of our broadline companies, which represent about 80% of our revenues, have SUS installed in their facilities” (The Wall Street Transcript, 2014) says. This system’s implemtentation allows for detailed monitoring of operations and access of critical information to empolyees when needed. (, 2014) Key Elements and Their Basic Use The first system integrated into SUS was SWMS, the Sysco Warehouse Management System. This was introduced in two phases, first the non directed putaway/locator system, followed by the fully directed management system. SWMS oversees shipping, receiving, storage, and product rotation throughout the warehouse. (Hess, 2010) Dematic’s ASRS, Automatic Storage and Retrival Storage, is a multiplelevel vertical conveyor system used in transporting units between respective storage or output locations. (Google Books, 2014) Dematic’s RapidStore Mini Load (ML) machines are high-speed load handling devices that handles products in totes and cases.(, 2014) Sysco Lincoln President Kim Brown refers to it simply as the “mini-loader.” (Star, 2012) The Lincoln

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