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Brandy Telfort Sept. 2013 A.P. Human Geo Period 2 After the class discussion about Syria and the U.S. ongoing situation, I feel as if it was in my hands I would ask congress to make an attack on Syria. At first I thought it was be wrong to bomb Syria but after learning more about the conflict, my decision changed. Syria is wrong for using chemical weapons (even though they were one of the 6 countries to disagree about banning chemical weapons) because it illegal. We should take action to show other countries that you will be punished not only if you use chemicals weapons but break any international law. Syria is located in the Middle East. We only have 2 allies (Qatar and Israel) in the Middle East and all other countries despise us. When we attack we should drop bombs and if they decide to fight back, we should go on ground and fight with the rebels. Also I think Israel should help out in crisis if we go to war on ground. But there will always be a negative to a positive. In this case, I feel it’s the rebels. The reason why is because they are Al-Qaida rebels. Al-Qaida is supposed to be our enemy but instead we are helping in a way by giving them thing they need. The good thing about it that is the rebels are fighting against the government. Thinking about it, what happened when it over? Will Al-Qaeda betray us? There are different rebels and terrorist all trying to over throw the government but who will be in power at the end? If Al-Qaeda goes into power, it will be our fault. Also while all if this is going on, Russia has been trying to be the peace maker during this crisis because Syria is Russia’s most important ally. Syria buys military exports and also Russia has a military base there (the last foreign base). Anyway, Russia will always be on Syria’s side, doesn’t matter what happens. In the end, we should bomb Syria because they are wrong for using

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