Synthetic Biology Essay

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Synthetic biology is the process in which computers, lab equipment or human interference is used to create a living organism or add a characteristic that otherwise wouldn’t be seen naturally. (Reece, 2012) Synthetic biology has been in development for a long time and it is just beginning to show up in practical applications. This new technology is able to create a whole new species from a computer software such is the creation of animals that prey on other animals that are overpopulated in a certain area.(Caruso, 2008) People are using these created animals to control the population of other animals in the surrounding area. The same technology is also used to add a trait that was not present before, for example, giving birds that ability to swim. Cloning is the most common portion of synthetic biology. The idea of taking a living thing and making a copy of it just as it is has been around for years now. Cloning however has some bad connotations to its name such as the early deaths of the clones and if a cloned animals is safe to eat. Synthetic biology in itself has a debate going on; whether it is a safe thing to do or will it destroy humanity. The consensus seems to be that it will destroy humanity. This idea is said to cause chaos because people will live in fear of an animal that was created in a lab. (Schmidt, 2009) There is another fear however that some will create something that is set to destroy entire races or certain types of people. There is a positive side to this idea that many seem to neglecting, the biggest one is that this process, under a lot of experimentation can be used to cure some of the most deadly diseases. (Simmonds, 2014) This can be done by developing a gene that can fight of the specific disease and splice it into you DNA so that when your cells go through meiosis and mitosis, this gene can spread, dominating the disease in your
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