Synthesis Of Chloropentamminecobalt 3 Chloride

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Experiment 3 Title: Fluid Properties: Density and Viscosity Date: 20th October 2011 Abstract: Introduction: Experimental Procedure: Five liquids were tested for Density measurements. These liquids included Vegetable oil, corn syrup, shampoo and glycerol. For viscosity measurement only three liquids were tested such as shampoo, glycerol and vegetable oil. Part I – Density Measurement The density of the test fluid was found by weighing a known volume of the liquid using the graduated cylinder. The cylinder was weighed empty, and then graduated cylinder was filled to a certain volume according to the graduations on it and weighed again. The difference in weight was divided by the volume gives the weight per unit volume of the fluid. The liquid density was calculated. The mass per unit volume, or the density, was thus measured in a direct way. [5] Part II – Viscosity The diameter and weight of five of the test spheres were measured and then the volume and density of each sphere were computed. Each sphere was dropped into the cylinder of each liquid and the time it takes for the sphere to fall a certain distance was measured (between the two labels on the cylinder). The distances between the labels were measured. The distance divided by the measured time gives the terminal velocity of the sphere. The measurements of the five spheres were repeated whose diameters and weights were determined earlier and the average of results were calculated. [5] Results and Calculations: Part I: Density Measurement Table 1: Density Measurement Test Fluid | Wt. of graduated Cylinder (g) | Volume of test fluid (ml) | Wt. Of Fluid & graduated cylinder (g) | *Mass of Fluid (g) | Vegetable Oil | 68.86 | 30 | 110.36 | 41.50 | Glycerol | 68.86 | 34 | 110.74 | 41.88 | Shampoo | 69.46 | 36 | 106.87 | 37.41 | Bath Cream | 83.83 | 46 | 133.44 | 49.61 |

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