Synthesis Of A Chalcone Essay

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Synthesis and Derivitazation of a Chalcone Introduction Chalcone is prepared for this experiment by aldol reaction of aldehyde and an acetophenone. Chalcone is synthesized to other reactions such as isoxazole, chalcone dibromide, and chalcone oxide. In these synthesizing experiments filtration and recrystallization takes place. The filtration is done to separate the solvent from the sample. With increasing temperatures the solute can be dissolved by a solvent during recrystallization. Experimental section Preparation of Chalcone To prepare chalcone 2.1mL of NaOH in was dissolved in 40mL of water and about 25mL of ethanol was added in a 125mL Erlenmeyer flask as soon as pellets were dissolved. Then 0.080 mole of acetophenone was stirred into the 125 mL flask, then place into an ice bath. At once 0.080 moles of bezaldehyde was added to the mixture and stirred all the while temperature was kept between 20-30°C. A stopper was placed on the flask while the mixture was stirring with stirrer for 11/2 hours. After the mixture had been stirred the flask was wrapped in foil and place inside the freezer overnight. After the mixture had been frozen overnight and thawed it was then filtered on a Buchner Funnel and the flask was rinsed with ethanol and recrystallized. To recrystallize, the crystals that were formed after being filtered were redissolved in about 500mL of warm ethanol because of the 4-Chlorobenzaldehyde used, and it was placed in an ice bath. After the crystals were formed they were filtered on a Buchner Funnel, they were let dry over night, and were weighed after they had dried. Also the percent yield, and IR Spectral were collected. Preparation of Isoxazole Hydroxyl amine was dissolved in 2.5mL of water in a 250mL Erlenmeyer flask. In a separate flask about 0.0125moles of chalcone was dissolved using about 500mL of
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