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Question #1 - Synthesis Essay Think of it as a snapshot on a camera… Snap. The moment is captured and stored into the memory of the camera unless the photographer decides to erase it. That moment in time is not like any other, nor will it ever be. We will never be in that exact same moment at that exact same time ever again. Moments in history are created in a similar manner. We go into museums containing all of these pieces of history that can never be created the same way it was done before. The artifacts can only teach you the past or the cultures or even the story behind what is there. It is important to secure these sacred and fragile pieces of the past for they contain knowledge and meaning within them. Museums should be created for the preservation of history not for the revenue that they draw in because the sources of knowledge that are accumulated represent an entire past or time period. Museums also portray different visions of art. The art pieces that are apart of the past and in existence needs to be protected. Museums should focus on the history or education of the preservation of artifacts inside of the museum. There are parts of history that can never come back and if we let these cultural diversions slip beneath us, never to be found again, we may never discover what was. If we look at The National Museum of the American Indian, we can see how their culture has operated. Knowing this, we and Natives themselves can understand their heritage much better, due to the fact that this museum recaptures what was. This represents who they are and the museum itself is “…dedicated to the preservation, study, and exhibition of the life, languages, literature, history, and arts of the Native Americans.” (Source C) The most important part of this recreation in history is that it brings back the Natives voice that could easily be lost in the mist of the world

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