Synthesis Essay About Moving To America

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It is said many times that America is the “land of opportunity” where the “American dream” can come true for anyone. As true as this must seem to many people in foreign nations who believe that they will achieve success by immigrating to America, it does not come as easily as one might expect it to. Much of America is misunderstood to people all around the world. Although the nation is one of the most powerful in the universe and full of jobs that could grant anyone millions, hard work is put in play by Americans. The mellifluous freedom of America comes at a cost of war and battles against terrorism, the wealth of Americans comes at a cost of extensive studying and research through many expensive years of school, and the purity of the weather and climate is constantly battling natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, forest fires, earthquakes, mudslides, and various temperatures. A nation with such power and force is…show more content…
However, the transitory land is most definitely not free, and it costs to settle and prepare for a fresh first season with a booming agriculture market run by machinery. With this marvelous land comes the three plagues of the open prairies, fire, grasshoppers, and weather (Source E). With dry summers, forest fires are common among the west. Ocean breaks and disruptions cause hurricanes and tropical storms along the southeastern coast large enough to wipe out many cities at a time. Farmers and raisers must learn to adapt to the different hardships that come through the weather each season in order to successfully produce whatever they may.

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