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Achieving your goals is not all fun and games. In “The True Story of Lake Ontario,” in which Marilyn was the first person to swim across Lake Ontario, and “Sharon Woods, No Limits,” where Sharon is the first to climb Mt. Everest, both protagonists overcome tremendous challenges. Marilyn and Sharon are able to overcome adversities in both stories with strong determination, and a strong support network which helps them achieve their goals. Without the drive to achieve goals, one is destined to fail. From the day Marilyn saw her idol, Barbara Ann Scott, a figure skating gold medallist, she was “determined” to be “the perfect Canadian girl;” who at the time was Barbara. It was everything Marilyn had dreamed of being, a female athlete who was renowned around the country. Marilyn trained tirelessly with her swimming coach Gus, and her determination paid off when she became a professional swimmer. On the other hand, Sharon’s determination in the story came from a will to live. When finishing the dangerous ascent on Mt. Everest they had run out of resources for the journey back down. The determination to make her family and team proud gave her that extra push to descend back safely. Neither of the protagonists could have achieved their goals if they had not had such strong support networks. Not only did Marilyn have her coach supporting her throughout the swim across Lake Ontario, she also had Canada cheering her on to complete the accomplishment. However, Sharon had a far smaller support group; she could not have ascended Mt. Everest alone, she had a team of 13 to just 1; Dwayne Congdon, when reaching the summit Sharon claims “as far as I’m concerned, it was the whole team [that made it to the summit]”. Neither of the protagonists could of done these amazing things alone. Success is far easier if one has the support of others helping you push through hard times.

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