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The invention of ships lets people travel conveniently, and it is helpful to the industrialized world. “The Cargo Hulks” by Peter Trower and “Breaking Ships” by Roland Buerk, both discuss the ships which are used in human’s lives. Both Trower and Buerk’s literary works feature the ships which will go under an unexpected value change. Although “The Cargo Hulks” and “Breaking Ships” both talk about the expected values of cargo hulks and the Asian Tiger, the values of them are quite different afterwards. Firstly, both texts discuss the expected values of two kinds of ship. The cargo hulks can flounder through the waves and “the howling changeling of the Horn, shrouds under full stress bulging”. (line 20) The cargo hulk is designed as a powerful ship because it can travel in the sea all the way to the destination. It can travel through the routes under plenty of natural difficulties as well. In addition, once people are on the deck, they notice the Asian Tiger is impossible to be broken up and it “surged through the waters of the Bay of Bengal, moving as powerfully as she had on her ocean crossings carrying crude” (paragraph 4) It was the last run of the Asian Tiger towards the beach. Whereas, the Asian Tiger still has enough power just like the first time, which it can bring those heavy oil productions just from the sea. Conversely, the value of cargo hulks and the Asian Tiger are different when they are discarded. Trower describes that “Memories melting, in the cold reality of rain, they wake to ultimate winters by wharves” (line 43) The cargo hulks should receive the reality, which they berth at the bay. They cannot offer people so much help any more. In the other text, however, the Asian Tiger keeps giving people some economic help because “now the vessels are sent to the Third World at the end of their useful lives, and shipping lines are able to sell them
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