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Synthesis Essay #1 One’s ideology and belief can always be altered by the influence of others. Both “The Heart of a Peacock” by Emily Carr, and “In God’s Eyes,” by Candace Carteen, depict how protagonists vary in their characteristics because of others’ impacts. Whereas Carr’s protagonist, the Peacock, transforms from being pretentious to being loyal, Carteen’s central character, Grace, alters from being diffident to being self-confident. Although “The Heart of a Peacock” and “In God’s Eyes’ both reveal the significant influence of others on one’s personality, the dynamic character in each literary piece goes through his or her character transformation through different means. While the peacock is being portrayed as a conceited egoist when he first encounters the narrator, Grace’s characteristic is depicted as insecure through her attitude towards others’ reaction to her father. The peacock’s arrogant attitude towards others is illustrated when the peacock “Just [gives the narrator] a careless glance.” Through the peacock’s heedless attitude towards the narrator, it can be inferred that, lacking friends, the peacock only cares about his beauty and he appreciates his appearance more than others’ attention towards him. Unlike the peacock’s arrogant characteristic, Grace’s diffident character is revealed when she thinks that “[people] seemed to pity her [because she has a hideous father].” Without the affirmation of others, Grace is ashamed of her father and embarrassed to be known as her father’s daughter. All in all, the peacock and Grace have distinct personalities at the beginning of two passages, but they all go through a variation in identities later in the passage. Because of others’ interference, both characters convert their ideologies, but through different means: the peacock changes his evaluation of his relationship with others because

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