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Synergetic Solutions Catherine McNeill COM/530 November 4, 2013 Aileen Smith Synergetic Solutions Synergetic Solutions is an assembly and reselling leading computer brands company that earns $6 million annually. Synergetic Solutions employs approximately 300 employees, most of which are concentrated in the sales and service departments along the East Coast. The President and CEO, Harold Redd made some tentative steps into the designing and implementing of business network systems that has paid handsomely. This has led to 20% of the company’s sales at this time. Now, Mr. Redd wants to drastically expand the networking sales to become 80% of the annual revenue. He wants the total transformation to be ‘finished’ within 9 months. Mr. Redd has already hired four new employees with the skill sets and certifications necessary to begin the transformation (Human Relations and Organizational Behavior). Internal and External Forces of Change The three internal and external forces of change for Synergetic Solutions begin with the stagnant market which began about two years ago. Mr. Redd has determined that along with the stagnant market, the sales are down and there is a lack of automation tools and technology that should be taken into account to help change the slump that threatens Synergetic Solutions. Additionally, internally, productivity is down and absenteeism is up. Employees will also need to upgrade their skill sets to see the company into this new era at Synergetic Solutions. In order for a leader in the organization to implement a change strategy successfully they will need to take into account the internal and external forces of change and manage those. In this case, starting with reduced sales, implementing the new product – networking company systems – is of vital importance. Strategies for this include: * Reinforce team-based structures and

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