Symptoms and Remedies of Groupthink

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Symptoms and Remedies of Groupthink Kayla Johnson 06/26/2014 Michelle Render PSY/285 Tom, Susie, and Richard all showed symptoms of rationalization by justifying their decisions regarding the instructions about including references. They claimed to have had the same professor in the past and they do not check for the references on any of the group papers. Tom, Susie, and Richard also showed symptoms of unanimity. Before the first group meeting they already split the paper into individual sections and assigned group members to those sections without consulting Mark or Betty about their decisions. Mark and Betty showed symptoms of an illusion of invulnerability. Mark asked about the portion of the instructions being overlooked but was shot down by Tom. Tom responded by laughing and claiming he knows how the professor will grade the assignment. Mark and Betty then notice Susie and Richards’s body language suggesting they are annoyed by the lack of corporation. Mark and Betty ignored the obvious signs of danger and took a huge rick. Symptoms of invulnerability were also shown by the group as a whole when they turned the assignment in without following the given instructions. Mark and Betty showed symptoms of self-censorship by omitting their obvious concern for ignoring a portion of the instructions. There are some steps that these group members can take to make sure this does not happen in the future. The main step being to follow all instructions that were given. They can also be sure to clarify anything with the teacher that they do not understand such as asking if they have to put the references or not. Mark and Betty could have benefitted the group by using minority influence. They should have been persistent and consistent with their beliefs. Persistence along with consistency of any group of minority will cause other members of the majority to question
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