Symphony Term Paper (Consumer Behaviour)

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Customers Structure of the House hold (Institutions) Household refers to the group of people who form and run a home unit. It defines family household that is made of two or more people. Analyzing Symphony household subjects we have to consider those corporate houses or group communities who purchase such product in a high volume and consume on a regular basis. Members of Dhaka club, Uttara club, Golf club, Bangladesh army and many corporate houses like banks, financial institutes, political parties and business allies love to have the best sweet nowadays Dhaka can offer. Apart from this groups family peoples who are related by birth, marriage or adoption will surely chose the very best of sweets from Premium. Customers Lifecycle: Different stages of aged consumers Household Decision making Process From the clients lifecycle perspective we can relate these three gatherings of individuals who purchase Symphony mobile phone. Possibly their goal or utilization example will vary starting with one stage then onto the next however the greatest likeness is that end of the day they all buy to satisfy for their needs. Mr. Ali Zubayer, age 35 an Engineer of Banglalink buys Symphony cell phone for his kids in view of the better quality and performance at very low cost. While Mr. Arif and his wife use Symphony for better performance. A table to relate and understand the role and importance of characters in the decision making process is below: Characters | Importance Activity | Initiator | More | Feels the necessity of consumption | Information Gatherer | More | Provides information and facts about the BRAND | Influencer | Moderate | Others influence is moderate | Decision Maker | More | The adults, earners in most of the cases | Purchaser | More | Act or do as the decision maker orders |

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