Sympathy for Curley's Wife

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Curley’s wife plays a significant and pivotal role in the novel ‘’Of Mice and Men’’. Steinbeck presents her in many different ways throughout the novel through various techniques to manipulate the readers’ thoughts on her. Steinbeck’s initial aim is to create sympathy for her as he gives her a voice to be essentially heard by the reader, and understand where she is coming from truly. In the early stage of the book she is represented as a dangerous a promiscuous character, which makes the reader dislike her. This is how Steinbeck reflects to how the 1930’s American society mistreated the role of women, by using the character Curley’s wife. However, later on in the novel Steinbeck introduces a new and different light upon Curley’s wife, which makes the reader view her as a young girl with deep emotions and goes on to portray her as a victim, trapped and isolated in a man’s world.

Steinbeck mainly presents Curley’s wife through the perspective of the men on the ranch, but Steinbeck doesn’t give her an introduction throughout the novel. Steinbeck may have done this to illustrate that although she is a major character in ‘’Of Mice and Men’’ in reality she is unimportant as she is a woman. Even though the writer doesn’t introduce Curley’s wife, she doesn’t introduce herself to George and Lennie (the newcomers to the ranch), this implies that she herself feels that she is insignificant to the society. This suggests that she feels unwanted , so she feels no one would want to know her name. Curely’s Wife is also only introduced to other people as “Curley’s Wife”, the apostrophe in ‘’Curley’s’’ shows that she is a belonging of
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