Sympathy By. Emilly Bronte

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ENGLISH POETRY ANALYSIS OF SYMPATHY Ratnanggana A. M. P (A2B008078) ENGLISH DEPARTMENT FACULTY OF HUMANITY DIPONEGORO UNIVERSITY 2011 TABLE OF CONTENT CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION A. Background of the study 2 B. Purpose of the study 2 C. Scope of the study 3 CHAPTER II THE POET, THE POEM, THE TRANSLATION A. The Poet 4 B. The Poem 6 C. The Translation 7 CHAPTER III FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE A. Metaphor 8 B. Personification 9 C. Imagery 9 CHAPTER IV ANALYSIS OF THE POEM 11 CHAPTER V CONCLUSSION 17 BIBLIOGRAPHY 18 CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION A. Background of the study Poem is a literary work that contains the meanings inside. It becomes a medium for the author to deliver his/her feeling, emotion, or even more, the reality of life. According to Clare, M. Teresa S.C in her book, A Book of Poetry (1960: 3), poem is the line and the strictly marked stanza, which gives the poem a definite pattern. When a person is in love with someone else, or maybe because of other events, he/she may pour all he/she feels into a form of writing called poem, some words which are arranged in certain pattern that contains a lot of meanings. From writing the poem, our feeling which can’t be spoken, could expressed with more strong meaning inside word by word. And in this writing, the writers discussed about a poet titled “Sympathy” by Emily Bronte. Instead of concerning that this writing is given as a task, the writers find out that “Sympathy” is a love poem. That gives an interesting impression in how she expressed her feeling about love. Although, this poem tell about love, but she write about her broken-heart experience. B. Purpose of the study 1. The writer are going to understand the meaning of the poem 2. The writer intend to figure out the hidden meaning contained in the poem

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