Symbols In The Road Home

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in the road homeSymbols used in the Road Home Global films are an effective way of learning about other cultures. They employ symbols to develop an awareness and appreciation of new concepts. In the Road home, directed by Zhang Yimou, there are a number of symbols that are central to the storyline. Such symbols include the colour red, Di’s bowl and the seasons of the year. The director also uses several film making techniques such as colour, close ups, long shots, editing and others, to emphasize the importance of symbols in Chinese culture and show how they relate to the loving courtship between Luo and Di. The colour red, often recognized as the colour of love passion and romance, is used extensively in this film. Furthermore is was the colour representing the Chinese revolution and is also the colour of the current Chinese flag. Therefore the colour red would have been very symbolic to the people of China during the context in which the film is set. The Mother, Di fell in love with the higher-class teacher at first sight. He noticed her among the villagers who were gathered to greet his arrival, because of her bright red jacket. The director uses a close up to show the teacher smiling at Di and her smiling back. Which encourages the audience to feel happy for the young couple, but it also shows that they may have to keep their love a secret, due to the difference in their classes, as this was a time of arranged marriages. As she was considered the most beautiful maiden in the village Di had to weave the lucky red banner that was hung from the rafters of the new building. In this case the colour red symbolized luck and the budding romance between the pair of young lovers. Di aims to make the banner especially beautiful, as she knows the teacher will think of her whenever he sees it hanging. This red banner becomes a way to show the teacher [Luo] that she is

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