Symbols in New American Cinema

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SYMBOLS IN NEW AMERICAN CINEMA The New American Cinema, experimental filmmaking appeared during the era between 1965 and1975. This new movement included sexual freedom, feminism, drug usage, rebellion and so on. One of the most famous pioneer films of this movement is Bonnie and Clyde. It was like a turning point for the American movie theaters because before Bonnie and Clyde, many people stopped going to the theaters. They prefered staying at home and watching TV. The New American Cinema, the significant social and cultural change basicly starts with the generation called “Baby Boom”. After the World War 2, there was a huge birth increase in the United States. This new generation became the leader of this revolution in both social and cultural sense. Even though American Graffiti is in this period, the film does not include nudity, drug usage or sex in it. The characters have not lose their innocence yet. The film has some differenties in that sense comparing to the other films of The New American Cinema. For instance; in The Last Picture Show, the main character Sonny Crawford (Timothy Bottoms) loses his innocence because he saw his friends die, got hurt by the woman he loves and he suddenly grows up like twenty years. However, American Graffiti is a soft, romantic coming of age film. It is more like a classical, nostalgic look to the teenagers of 60s.George Lucas wanted to make this film look kind of like a documentary so it reflects the exact culture of 1962, of America. Even the Wolfman Jack character, who is really popular among teenagers with his radio programme, was a real character in the 60s. These are the most important reasons why this movie doesn’t have those new elements. American Graffiti was shot in 1973, however the film tells a story that takes place in 1962, which shows us that it is a telescoping film. The film tells a story

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