Symbols in Death of a Sales Man

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POPOOLA 1 Dorcas Popoola Ms. Toohey ENG 3U 1ST April 1, 2013 Jay Gatsby a great modern tragic protagonist According to Aristotle a tragic hero can be defined most simply as a character that in spite of a basic goodness has a tragic flaw which eventually leads to his own down fall. A tragic hero would be a man of very high status, but not absolutely perfect, his downfall is mainly his own fault, someone who arouses solemn emotions like pity, fear, compassion and awe from the audience or readers. All of the characteristics talked about by Aristotle apply to the character of Jay Gatsby in the novel “The Great Gatsby”. The Great Gatsby is a modern novel, the tragic; Gatsby came from nothing and rise up to a high status. Although at first Gatsby might seem not to be an everyday but he realistically is an everyday man. Gatsby‘s past was talked about in the novel and his parent were presented as “Shiftless and Unsuccessful Farm People” (95), this shows that Gatsby has a humble root and grew up just like anyone else, it shows his childhood was a little tough, it also shows that he was hot born into wealth or born with silver spoon and neither did he have any special background that gave him an advantage over other characters in the novel. Another instance in which Gatsby portrayed as the average man is when Nick is discussing about Gatsby’s past and says “So he invented just the sort of Jay Gatsby that seventeen years old would be likely to invent” (95). This shows that the role or character adopted by Gatsby for himself is that of an average and a boy that is not fully grown.
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