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Symbolism of the Scarlet Essay

  • Submitted by: Alexeydan
  • on October 6, 2013
  • Category: English
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Alexis Christopher
Mrs. Leffler
English 9 7th Hour
3 October 2011
The Symbols of “The Sacred Ibis”
James Hurst in “The Sacred Ibis” writes about how a Ibis and Doodle, a young fragile boy, are alike.   In which, the older brother helps his little brother motivated by shame rather than caring about his well being.   This story gave off a vibe that picks up your attention to actually realize what your visualizing and sensing.
The symbol of the Ibis and Doodle on how they are alike was strong and entwined.   The red on the Ibis, representing the red feathers, also goes with the United States and other flags (that uses this symbol), symbolizing the courage, enthusiasm, valor, blood, and life the soldiers on the field gave.   When Doodle died, he had blood pouring in his lungs out of his mouth, making the blood symbolize the red feathers and flag.   Also when he died, the older brother said that his body was stiff, and he never noticed how long his neck was; it looks like the bird when it fell out of the tree dead.   It was said that the bird died trying to escape the bad storm, and exhausted himself out; killing him.   But also Doodle died in a storm, from overworking his self out.   The other stories that we read in class wasn’t like this story. This story had the idea to make people cry and enjoy the life the boy had.   But in the end, they both had courage to beat and to achieve goals through the storms. The bird and Doodle will always be together from that day on.
I was really interested on how Doodle and the ibis was alike.   It shows how much something small is actually something big in reality.   The Ibis and Doodle will always represent something in our world. We will not ever forget them, for they risked their lives in the bad storm in their country.   The flags colors: Red, representing Courage, Enthusiasm, Valor, Blood, and Life.   Blue, representing azure sky and respect for God.   And White, representing Peace and purity.



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