Symbolism of Mary Anne

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Daniela Chacon Mr. Allen English 11 03 October 2013 Innocence has the possibility to change. While we are innocent to the life we lead, a war can take it away in a blink of an eye. Mary Anne undergoes a stereotypical role change after entering the Vietnam War. The story “Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong” clearly displays how a war, such as the Vietnam War, can be a life-changing event. A war can take away the goodness in someone. When Mary Anne is first introduced to the story, she is an “innocent blonde, just barley out of high school”(90). She fears of getting her hands dirty and portrays a very girly attitude. She is wearing a “pink sweater”, which is a very preppy look according to our society’s stereotype. She absolutely had no idea what was really going on when she first arrived to Vietnam. To her, the scenery of a battle zone was like an art exhibit, which hit her curiosity (95). The smile in her face seems so innocent and pure, that the thought of her facing the truth would literally kill her youth. However, she was very observant while seeing her surroundings. As time passed, she became fascinated with the war and its challenges. She now started to undergo a change. Once living in the battle zone environment, Mary Anne became a completely different person. She became fascinated with guns, knives, and other war weapons. Her curiosity came to good use. Unlike the beginning of the story, she started escaping with the Green Berets at night, and sleeping on the cold ground. She now, no longer cares about her appearance or her nails, because she chops them short. She stopped wearing jewelry, and instead of make-up, there is now charcoal in her face (98). The way she now presented herself versus the way she arrived to Vietnam shows she has undergone a drastic change. Her voice became low, and a sense of confidence filled her soul. She now presented

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