Symbolism In The Shark Net

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The Shark Net Summative Response Characterisation is how a character is portrayed and progresses through the novel. Drewe ‘splits’ Dorothy into two distinct personalities, defined by separate names, “it was dawning on me that my parents each had two names to suit their two different personalities”.(p.79) Roberts fathers euphemistic description of his drinking as ‘doing business’ (p.81) and occasional martial infidelities are contrasted with Dorothy stern moral; values. In Dorothy’s world, references to sex are not tolerated, as Roberts discovers when he innocently sings a mildly raunchy version of ‘Lady of Spain’. ‘Dorothy’ embraces Perth’s conservative morality, burying herself in the role of ‘the wife, the suburban mother’ and gradually…show more content…
Drewe uses reoccurring symbols to reinforce the themes of impending danger and creates a sinister atmosphere. It can be seen throughout the memoir of Drewes life; he has always had a fascination with sharks, and writes how as a child he even captured a carpet shark as a sign of strength in an attempt to impress his love interest, Roberta. The title of the novel ‘The Shark Net’ suggests the literal idea of a shark net that in theory are used to keep sharks at bay but in reality is a poor response to the dangers of sharks themselves as they don't help much and can only provide a false sense of security. The shark can also be seen as a metaphor of Cooke, an unseen killer, who is ever present searching and waiting for its next prey, instilling fear by his reputation and his perceptible vagueness, being like a shark. He is a friendly/familiar face to everyone, but then when he murders his victims he becomes unfamiliar to most. As a child Drewe has an incredible imagination, and he reflects upon his sometimes-ridiculous childhood fears. These fears included the Lion, the house falling down and boiling brain, the violent past at the Fremantle Prison and Rottnest Island, these fears symbolizes underlying threat and danger in life, these threats and dangers inflict fear in Drewe and the Perth

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