Symbolism In Romulus My Father

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How has your understanding of belonging been enhanced through a reading of your core text and one other text? Set in central Victoria after the Second World War, Raimond Gaita’s novel ‘Romulus my Father’ explores how a sense of belonging can emerge from the connections made with people and places. Through ‘Romulus my Father’, the reader encounters aspects of belonging in terms of experiences, notions of identity, relationships, acceptance and understanding. As well as this, it is also a reflection of the barriers preventing people from companionship and a representation of people’s choices not to belong. Similarly, although set in a more modern context, Jodi Picoult’s novel ‘The Pact’ explores the same ideas and notions of belonging to people…show more content…
It’s a reflection of Romulus’s trust of Raimond (in allowing him to ride it) and Raimond’s trust in his father (to protect him when both of them are riding It.) which is ironic because the motorbike is what caused his father to break his leg, symbolising the strength of their bond. In saying this, Raimond sees his father as a source of protection, support, security and safety, which is achieved through the strong visual imagery used in the quote – ‘The sight of his muscular arms protected me against their terrible meaning’. The strength of family is also made obvious through the quote ‘The fact that he was my father was the reason I felt obliged to accompany him’. This quote is showing the strength of family ties and Raimond’s sense of duty and obligation to his father. It is also reflective of the idea that family is an involuntary factor resulting in belonging. The use of collective terms such as ‘ours’ shows the connection and association both had in regards to each other. It is also reflective of their collective identity which constitutes a shared knowledge, understanding and identity, as well as an ultimate collective strength (being more powerful than individual vulnerability. A collective culture shapes individuality and allegiance. (“A feeling that that member matter to one another and to the group and a shared faith those members’ needs will be met through their commitment to each

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