Symbolism in Light in the Forest

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Symbolism was used may times throughout the novel. First, it was used when Conrad Richter decided that every time True Son crossed the river he had to make a decision. For example, when True Son must decide if he wants to continue with the ambush at the river. He also must decide if he should run away, commit suicide, escape, and see Corn Blade while he is at the river. Conrad Richter also used symbolism to show that one side of the river represented the Whites and the other the Indians. When True Son was trying to decide if he should run away with Half Arrow, he was closest to the Indian side so he should run away from the Whites. But when True Son was decide if he should continue with the ambush, he was in the exact middle of the river, so his mind did not lean one way. In the end he did what he did because he felt it was right, not because it would help one side. Light in the Forest also uses symbolism when True Son is on the river, ready for the ambush. First of all, True Son hated the clothes that the White Men wore because they were to constraining. Secondly, True Son was told that the Indians never killed children, but he was told wrong. The Indians killed a little white girl and used her clothes to make True Son look White so that the White people would feel pity. The symbol in that is that girls clothes are smaller and tighter than boys clothes, and since True Son must wear them, he feels like he can’t do anything because they are a girl’s white clothes. True Son also realized he was betrayed by the Indians and it shows that in that second he starts to realize that the Indians aren’t all good. That prepares us for the scene ahead when True Son doesn’t follow through with the

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