Symbolism In Elie Wiesel's 'Night'

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1.) The 1st paragraph talked about how there was a planned murder and also the introduction of placida unero, a woman with the ability to read dreams. She was trying to find lives behind her son’s death. Santiago is going to die, supernatural elements, non-linear. 2.) At first, Victoria Guzman;s reason for not warning Santiago nasar was that the thought it was nonsense or some kind of prank, but divina had confessed that deep inside her mother’s heart, she wanted satiago to be killed 3.) Someone slipped an envelope under the door that contained information about the plot of the murder it was on the floor when Santiago left home and no one took notice of it. Until later, trees ~ symbols of life & death, 6th sense; vicario twins with…show more content…
“He grabbed my whole pussy… when he caught me alone in some corner.” (Marquez 13) they abuse their power 6.) Santiago. In the eyes of some people, is a man of his words, good looking and has a great fortune for a young man however, to people like diving and Victoria, he was a terrible person, abusive for wanting to tame victoria’s daughter “ He was just like his father…a SHIT.” (Marquez 10); happy guy with rich 6th sense. 7.) People carry weapons with them, also when satiago grabbed divinas wrist and said that it was time for her to be tamed. But then her mother, Victoria got in between them holding a knife saying something like he wouldn’t be able to touch her as long as shes alive; people were shoving, gulting the rabbit, feeding entrails to dogs 8.) Everyone already knew about it and were already talking about why they didn’t sell Santiago about the murder plot, so that means the murder already happened. He was accused of taking angela’s virginity. 9.) It was huge, with drinks; everyone was there poor and…show more content…
Angelica moved away with her mom. 23.) The said it was for honor. It was accurate because they felt no remorse. He deserves to die. 24.) She’s all grown up and realized that she was madly inlove with Bayardo and sent zoo love letters she realized that her mom was a poor woman. She’s mad at her mom but accepted the things she did because it was for cultural reason. 25.) No one in town can discuss anything about the murder. There were to many coincidences that made she murder possible for example cristo bredoya spent 2hours at his grandparent’s house instead of resting at his parents who had been waiting to warn him. Some never forgave themselves; others honor fate placed them to where they are no so. Ex. Hortensia Baute : ran out to the street naked ~ hallucinations -Flaura Miguel – ran away -Aura Villeros ~ blodder spasm when she heard he news -Don Rogelio de la flor- died of shock - Placida Unero – looked herself up ; never forgave herself for interpreting his dreams

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