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Symbolism Symbolism is used by many in all types of literature. There are several ways that symbolism is used. Literature often uses symbolism to represent the current state of society. The writer uses symbols to create a mood or emotion in a work of literature. It helps the reader make a connection with what the writer is saying. As noted below are some examples of how symbolism is used. In the story “Night Calls” by Lisa Fugard, a heron is the symbol. The bird symbolizes the love her father had for her mother that had died in a car accident. When the heron is around the father is happy and brings back the love he felt for his wife when she was alive. It also gave the father strength to move on and make Modder River like it once was. When the heron is gone those feelings fade away. In Anna Quindlen’s article “A Quilt of a Country”, she uses a quilt to symbolize the United States. A quilt takes many different pieces of fabric to come together. There are many different nationalities that live in the United States. Sometimes you have conflict between them because they do not always agree or like their culture. When a major tragedy happens, like 9/11, they put aside their differences and come together as one. Just like the quilt being made up of different pieces, the United States comes together as one made up of different people. In the essay that Philip Patel had written “Are Close Friends Better?”, he compares putting eggs in one basket to have only close friends. To only stick with one group of close friends you could miss out on meeting different people. If the basket breaks and drops all the eggs, you have no eggs left. Just like if something happened with your close friends, you have no friends left because you put everything you had into that one group. It’s nice to have some close

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