Symbolism Essay

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Symbolism Literature has a theme which the whole story is based on. This is true in almost nearly every form of literature out there today. Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”, Welty’s “Dover Beach” and, Tennyson’s “The oak” are good examples of literature with a theme. The theme of these pieces of literature is symbolism of the journey. Authors use symbolism in their literature to help the reader make a connection with the story. Symbolism can be a very important aspect to a story and allows the author to express the feelings freely throughout the piece of literature. First we need to understand what a theme and symbol is and how it affects a story. “Theme associated with an idea that lies behind a literary work. In a story, theme is a representation of the idea behind the story” (Clugston Pg 120). The theme in the story or poem is not going to be the same thing as symbol and is also going to be different than the plot. Many readers have a difficult time finding the theme in a story because a lot of times we want to show the plot as the theme. During an outside reading adventure I read “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson while I was reading this I thought that the theme was the lottery that the residence were doing. But after reading it again I found that the theme happen to be more of how the residence of this small town blindly follow traditions even though this tradition causes someone in the town to die. Symbol is something that has a literal identity, but also stands for something else…something that is widely understood and has been developed over a long period of time, or by common agreement” (Clugston Pg 120). Authors use themes to help connect the story and the reader. A symbol allows the author to use an ordinary object and give it a different meaning or to show how the character interacts with his environment. “Mindful of the value of the

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