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Symbolism and Its Importance In a story, symbolism is an important key that adds to the story to make it more interesting. Symbolism is one of the biggest keys to a story. Symbolism gives a deeper meaning and goes beyond the literal importance. Symbolism is important in many different stories. Such stories as “The Lottery”, “The Necklace,” and “Jury of Her Peers,” all portray symbolism sometime throughout the story. In the short story “The Lottery”, Shirley Jackson uses symbolism to give a deeper meaning to her horrifying story. In this story, we get reminded how cruel society can be, but yet we are so blinded to realize the majority of cruelty that happens around us. Usually, most people love to win the lottery, however in this story, the “lottery” is nothing to look forward to. This story is about a town that holds an annual lottery, however the one who “wins” isn’t granted the typical prize, but death. In Jackson’s short story, objects don’t show their true meaning without a little thinking. The most important symbols to the story are the black box and stones. this story, the black box that holds the lottery tickets is a symbol of mystery throughout the entire story. During the story, it is hard to convey the whole situation. Readers don’t quite know what the concept of the story is. However, other people would say that the black box is also a symbol for tradition. The box is old and shabby, falling apart, but no one in the community wants to replace this box and no one is really aware about the box’s history. It holds the tradition and holds an image of all the ones that were stoned to death for no apparent reason besides the tradition. I believe that this can also symbolize the sins that the village commit. It is a way of the villagers being punished due to the sins that commit. “…a great pile of stones in one corner of the square”(268) represents the

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