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SYMBOLISM What’s it like to be stranded on a desert island in the prime of you youth, with no adult figure? William Golding show what may happen in just this circumstance. In this verycomplicated novel Golding brings out many ideas and shows what lack of the adult figure leads to. Above all others though comes symbolism of three main important objects being the conch, fire, and Piggy’s eyeglasses. Through each of these three symbols Golding shows how the boys adapt and change throughout the novel. All three of these symbols together are one ofthe most important elements of the story. The first symbol, which is used all throughout the book, is the symbol of the Conch. The conch was a large shell which piggy had first unearthed on the island. The conch shows powers all throughout the book and always commands respectfrom the boys due to its importance. The importance and power would best be compared to that of a congregation when a Rabbi removes the torah from the ark, which holds it. The first quote which best shows the importance of the conch is when it is used by Ralph and Piggy to get all the boys together when they find themselvescan use this to call the others. Have a meeting they’ll come when they hear us.” Then again at the second meeting we see how the boys are drawn to the Conch and how it is like a magnet first idea of civilization and rules. One example is when there is disorder because everyone Is talking at once. "Conch, that's what the shell is called. I'll give the conch to the next person who speaks. He can hold when he is speaking." Finally the conch is used for is to show how Piggy does so much to help them and does not get credit to the boys, which draws them to whoever uses it. By the time Ralph had finished blowing the conch the platform was crowded.” The conch also shows

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