Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Media Analysis

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Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Media Analysis Lehua Wilkins SOC/100 December 9, 2013 Sarah Smorol Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Media Analysis To discuss the symbolic interactionist perspective through media this author watched “Animal Cops” that can be viewed on the Animal Planet channel. The show chronicles four Animal Cruelty Investigators in the state of Michigan. The show was watched with no sound so that observations could be made of body language and the symbolism that was used within the show. When watching for the first time the viewer may not see the social and class themes within the program. However, upon closer observation the themes of poverty and class become evident. In the beginning scenes the investigators are shown driving to a location to investigate what turns out to be a dog being shot. Upon arriving on the scene the investigators use caution in approaching the home where the dog lived. The officers took slow deliberate steps that showed caution and that they were aware of their surroundings. Bullet casings from the shooting of the animal were shown with blood stains in the snow to display the gore and violence of the act. In this same case the animal was shot because it had got loose from its’ residence and attacked a nine year old girl. The girl suffered a large injury that must have required doctor’s care as the show included a scene in which the mother is changing a large bandage on the child’s leg. This was shown to convey the severity of the attack. The show also takes you through several other investigations or storylines but all with the same format. The story lines all begin with the investigators reporting to a scene of animal neglect or cruelty, followed by investigation and removal of the animals, the animal’s rehabilitation at the veterinary hospital, with an update of a happy rehabilitated animal at the

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