Symbolic Interactionist Paper

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Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Analysis The program chosen was Everybody Loves Raymond, and the episode was the series finale. The social theme used was Symbolic Interactionism, which is a sociological framework that places humans among meaningful objects. These objects range from material objects to other people and symbols (Schaefer, 2011). The scenes that apply to this social theme are described and the nonverbal communication that relates to this theme. The relation of the gestures, expressions, and symbols to Symbolic Interaction are described. The opening scene starts out in the kitchen. Where the family is around the table, and the parents are showing concern about something relating to Raymond. Raymond and his wife are conversing and use sarcastic facial expressions to show his or her disagreement with each other’s predicament. One person expresses his concern about something flails his hands around to amplify his words, and the other tries to downplay the situation while rolling her eyes. Raymond’s mother enters the kitchen and immediately yells and hugs Raymond patting him on the back. Afterward, Raymond turns his head around and looks at his wife with a scowl on his face, and swings back around quickly to continue hugging his mother. His mother continues to embrace him as they look to be arguing with his wife. The way they are hugging while they are both lashing out at his wife symbolizes his or her sharing the same feelings about the situation (Berlin, 2005). The scene continues in the kitchen as his mother takes a large bowl out of a bag and dismisses the children seated at the table, and uncovers the bowl and puts Raymond’s face over the bowl and acts as if she is fanning the smell into his face. Raymond shows his appreciation by putting his face closer to the bowl. His wife bats her eyes and talks with
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