Symbiotic Relationships Essay

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Symbiotic relationships are exceptional types of connections in an ecosystem. These relationships are vital to numerous organisms and are able to offer a balance that can only be achieved by functioning together. These interactions do not always benefit every being that is involved and can occasionally be harmful to one or more organism1. A place visited was situated On the Atherton Tablelands, named priors creek, this creek is slightly dense of the rainforest that leads up to Halloran’s hill conservation park. The plant species throughout the forest is rather extensive for the small area, finding it was an exceptional environment to investigate symbiotic relationships for our assignment. This forest has a small variety of wildlife consisting of small rodents, wallabies, and the bush turkey. The small creek ‘Priors creek’ provided a potential place to learn the study of the effects the water has on the nearby bush land or water organisms. A water type of investigation appeared to be the most observable type as the creek seemed as if it had the furthermost activity nearby. The investigation is to examine symbiotic relationships between algae and the abiotic factor in relation to water PH levels. Generally speaking Algae is aquatic, meaning it grows in water, although some live on the creek bank or on top soil. In this investigation the main focus is aquatic algae. The soils that surrounded the creek banks PH was examined and was compared to the PH of the creek water of Priors creek. The PH is directly related to the algae consisting in the water. Effects of the water quality in the creek can be affected by soil entering the creek building up silt; this can have a major effect on the water quality impacting the algal development. The PH level in the soil is affected by multiple things, one being the main reason which is lead litter. The soil PH can be altered by

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