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A structured essay paper consisting of seven (7) questions divided into two (2) sections. Section A: 3 compulsory questions from section 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 of the syllabus Section B: 4 questions, 2 questions from section 1-8 and 2 questions from section 8-10. Candidates will be required to answer 2 questions from this section. Candidates must answer all 3 questions from section A and 2 out of the 4 questions from section B. Each question will be worth 20 marks. Questions on section A contribute 60 marks and questions on section B contribute 40 marks. syllabus  The Nature of Business * Terms and Concepts related to Business * Instruments of Exchange * Reasons Businesses are Established * Forms of Business Organizations * Economic Systems * Stakeholders and their Role in Business Activities * Functions of a Business * Role of a Business within a Community * Quiz  Internal Organizational Environment * Functional Areas of Business * Functions of Management * Responsibilities of Management * Organizational Charts * Types of Organizational Charts * Characteristics of a Good Leader * Leadership Styles * Sources of Conflict within an Organization * Methods used to gain an upper hand during Periods of Conflict * Strategies used to resolve Conflicts * Guidelines: Good Management & Staff Relations * Role of Teamwork * Strategies for Effective Communication * Management Information System * Personal Needs Satisfied Through Employment * Quiz  Establishing a Business * Role of an Entrepreneur * Reasons Persons Establish their own Businesses * Steps in Establishing a Business * Functional Areas in the Operation of Businesses * Sources of Research in Establishing a Business * Process between Planning and the Operation of a

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