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Syllabus Essay

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Competing Through People
GM 4464 J1 Summer 2011

Prof. Caren Siehl




Welcome to “Competing Through People”

The objective of this course is to help you become more effective managers who enhance the success of your organization. In this course, we will focus on human behavior in organizations when people are working independently and in teams. We will consider the effect of team and organizational membership on individual behavior, as well as the effect of individual behavior on teams and organizations. We will focus on the latest models, concepts, and practices, with assignments that will shape these lessons for practical application and immediate benefit to you and your company.


To assure broad and deep understanding of global organizational behavior, we will use chapters from an internationally grounded text, Organizational Behavior (5th Edition, McShane & Von Glinow, 2009, McGraw-Hill), as well as additional readings and supplemental material.


Brett, J. et al. (2006). “Managing Multicultural Teams, Harvard Business Review.

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Pfeffer, Jeffrey, “Six Dangerous Myths About Pay”, Harvard Business Review, May-June 1998

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Kotter, John P., & Schlesinger, Leonard A. “The Best of HBR: Choosing Strategies for Change,” Harvard Business Review, July-August 2008.


Your performance in this course will be evaluated by team assignments, your individual contribution to the team, an individual assignment, and your individual...

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