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MGMT 210 Financial Accounting Online Course Syllabus Credit Hours: 3 Delivery Method: Online (Internet / Blackboard) Porter, G. A., & Norton, C. L. (2015). Using Financial Accounting Information: The Alternative to Debits and Credits (9th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western/Cengage. ISBN: 978-1-285-18323-7 Course Description This course is an introduction to accounting information systems and financial reports. Included are accounting concepts and analysis and interpretation of financial reports, with an emphasis on the operating activities of aviation related businesses. Course Goals This course is a required course for the Associate of Science and the Bachelor of Science degree programs in Technical Management and Aviation Business Administration, the Bachelor of Science degree program in Professional Aeronautics, Aviation Management, and Transportation. This course is also a required course in the Minor program in Management and an elective course in all degree programs permitting open electives. The student will learn how to use basic accounting information and financial reports in business decision making, incorporating the operating, financing, and investing activities of a business. Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1. Explain how accounting is the system that produces information for business decisions. (BSTM PO-4) 2. Demonstrate the ability to determine how financial transactions affect the financial reports. (BSTM PO-2) This syllabus was developed for online learning by Rachel Butts. MGMT_210_Online_Syllabus_092014.doc Page 2 of 6 3. Classify financial transactions as operating, investing, and financing activities. (BSTM PO-4) 4. Recognize the order of assembling data in the accounting system and prepare financial statements using a manual and/or computerized

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