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Kelsey Long Intro to Special Education 3/5/14 Sybil Dissociative Identity Disorder “Sybil” is a 1970’s classic drama film about a girl who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. Due to suppressed memories of a horrific childhood: she experiences black outs, memory loss, and time lapse. As the film starts off in central park on a school field trip, the main character, Sybil, is joyfully skipping with her students. Until she hears the screeching of the play set, old terrifying memories flood into her mind. After appearing in the middle of the pond, in front of her students, she begins to realize that she is getting worse. Snapped back into reality, she awakens in a Dr. Wilbur’s office with no recollection of how she got there and why. Dr. Wilbur begins a series of small tests to figure out what may be going on with this girl. Smells cause her to freak out, sounds make her cry, and she breaks windows every chance she can get in hopes that someone will help her. Dr. Wilbur begins to see that this child has a deep fear of some terrible incident as a child and she takes it upon herself to help Sybil. As Dr. Wilbur digs deeper into her past, she discovers that Sybil’s parents were clearly unstable as the movie progresses to reveal. Her mother suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, and her father was in denial of any harm done by her. He was a religious fanatic who saw the devil in others who were trying to help Sybil. The only escape that Sybil had was her grandmother who lived upstairs. She loved her grandmother and spent as much time with her as she could. Sybil suffers from insomnia at night because of the loud voices she hears in her head over and over again. These memories or dreams leads to destructive behavior in her sleep, and extreme hysteria. The first sign of her different identities is Vicki, warning Dr. Wilbur about Sybil’s

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