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Phong Truong Academic Writing/ Pd6 08/28/2014 How I change In one life, you have make many decesions; it may have negative and positive affects to you. Even, there such important one could make you change the way to do or to think about something. Morever, it brings a great change in your life! To me, one of that decision in my life is when I choose where to study. It was one year ago, my parents and I had a will that I study abroad. At first, I choose Singapore- a developed country in Asia. Singapore has a high reputation for her great environment, excellent education and a high standard of living. Evrything was working fine until one day, I received a call from the government school I had applied saying that I wasn’t performing good enough to qualify for the school. I was totally depressed! Needless to say, this kind of new came like a bolt in the blue striking me pretty hard. My one and only expectation instantly blew up like a balloon. I tried not to communicate with anyone since that day. However, in the second week after the incident, I received another call which I admited that change my life completely. It was an phone call from my uncle who is currently living in USA at around 11pm. He was doing encourage me at the time as well as making a deal with me. The deal that was he would try to help me sending an application to a high school in US. My ear was thumbing after hearing this, and admitedly, I became alive since my uncle. Getting out of the bed and using my laptop looking for that school on Internet. That is impressively cool here! Great high school, modern facility, great education system, what else are you waiting for? Even though, studying here would bring me many new chalenge. It would be much more harder and emtremme than in Singapore. The distance, language barrier and even the new culture. I kept questioning: can I fit in there

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