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SWOT of Nin Jiom Essay

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Nin Jiom

    Nin Jiom is a well-known Hong Kong brand by its flagship product “Pei Pa Koa Cough Syrup”. Therefore, I would like to analyze the successful of Nin Jiom and its weakness.

SWOT Analysis

    Strengths refer to the internal performance that what benefits can Nin Jiom Company can give to customers. Nin Jiom provides several products to fulfill different customers’ need, such as herbal candy, Pei Pa Koa Cough Syrup and scientific Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It can meet the need of different customers and increase the image of Nin Jiom, since Nin Jiom’s products can solve many types of milder illness and be a supplement of western medicine.

Advanced technology with equipped factories and be awarded of Hong Kong Top Ten brand name can let customers feel confident to Nin Jiom’s products. Nowadays, there is much news about fake TCM that toxic to human. The good reputation of Nin Jiom can reduce the worries of customers, since Nin Jiom can provide the best quality and effective TCM to public. Besides, It global sales network with over 20 countries can let customers enjoy Nin Jiom’s products else where in the world.

    Moreover, Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa Cough Syrup is packaged with different sizes so as to satisfy customers’ needs. For example, travelers may feel that 15ml convenient pack is easy for hand carry while a mother belief that big package of 300ml can be used for her whole family. Nin Jiom is the first company provides convenient pack which competitors cannot follow.

    Nevertheless, Nin Jiom has some internal weaknesses that the company cannot fulfill the need of customers. Although Nin Jiom provides several products to meet the needs of customers, it seems not favorite to the youth. Many of them recommended that “Pei Pa Koa Cough Syrup” is bitter and the smell of herbal is too strong. Youngsters seldom consider TCM as the ways to cure the diseases, since it is difficult to swallow because of the smell and taste. Western...

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