Swot Analysis of Aetna Inc.

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Aetna provides health care, dental, pharmacy, group life, disability, and long term care benefits. The company offers a range of products and services under three categories: health care, group insurance, and large case pensions. Strong market position in the US healthcare combined with wide and deep product portfolio is enhancing customer base. However, significant reforms in the US healthcare industry, high dependence on outsourced vendors and increasing operating expenses, are likely to affect the company’s margins. The completion of a SWOT analysis of Aetna revealed that the company has several strength that will help usher the company into their next phase. Aetna has a strong position in the US healthcare market and has great control over the company’s benefits and expenses and as a resulting in improved profitability. The company also has a wide and deep product portfolio and is attracting larger clients. Another advantage of Aetna is that their cost and quality focus with investments in health care technology. Although the company has several strengths it also has its weaknesses, such as low contribution of large case pension segments and overdependence on the US market. Inefficient cost structure is also a disadvantage of the organization. Since Aetna is one of the largest health insurance competitors it has several opportunities The company has the opportunity to expand medical business and explore universal health care. This will also enable them to retain a positive outlook for their global life and health insurance market. Aetna also has been afforded the opportunity to launch a line of new products and service offering as well as invest in mobile solutions. The opportunities will allow the company to expand their service however they must also consider the organization threats. The healthcare reform presents new challenges for not only Aetna but
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