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SWOT Analysis | Strength | 1. High brand recognition and recall 2. Technical innovations to improve customer experiences and Constant upgrade of business processes 3. Good employee retention with a total workforce of 150,000 4. Has over 3700 hotels and resorts in over 70 countries5. Various brands range from attainable to aspirational | Weakness | 1. Competition from long established hotel chains means limited market share 2. Global expansion and high number of hotels may lead to brand dilution | Opportunity | 1. High potential in emerging markets 2. Innovation in customer services 3. Better interiors/Well done renovations4. Indian and as well as global hospitality sectors are looking at a boom | Threats | 1. Entry of several international brands along with the strong hold of long standing, well established Indian brands 2. Competition on price points 3. Stagnated growth | ------------------------------------------------- 窗体顶端窗体底端Strengths Eco trendsetter with over 20 years of energy conservation experience | | global market | | Strong Online Growth The Marriott.com has a strong presence online. With the growth of people logging online, the... | | Owns Lots of Real Estate The company owns lots of real estate throughout the world. | | Excellent Customer Service - Marriott Customer service is critical when it comes to running a profitable business. Providing excellent... | | Partnerships With Other Hotels Joint ventures with other hotels give Marriott credibility and more exposure to many different... | | Time Shares For Marriott Time shares gives tourist the opportunity to stay at different hotel locations throughout the year.... | | Travel and Vacations When travel and vacation season arrives, the hotel business profits tremendously from the tourist.... | | Hotel Business Leader The Marriott is one of the top leading

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