Swot Analysis in Canteen

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Kingfisher School of Business and Finance 1799 Mac Arthur Highway Lucao District Dagupan City 2406 2nd semester S.Y.2014-2015 (Written Case Report in Total Quality Management) Submitted by: Winnie Luz B. Fernandez B.S Management/Block 31 Submitted to: Mr. Raynon Gerard G. Ramos Professor History of Cafeteria/Canteen: Canteen’s track record of innovation began in 1929. Company founder Nathaniel Leverone built his business strategy around three timeless principles that would revolutionize the history of vending machines: integrity, customer focus and innovation. A commitment to these guiding principles has helped establish Canteen as a front-running organization within the vending industry. The vending industry has recognized Canteen’s innovative leadership for more than 80 years. From the first peanut-dispensing machines on Chicago train platforms to completely automated cafeterias in mid-century corporate offices, Canteen pioneered the massive expansion of vending into offices, factories, schools and healthcare facilities in the 20th century. Customers, too, have taken notice of Canteen, and our unwavering dedication to customer care and service throughout the years has opened countless inroads that have allowed us to continue to advance our founder’s original vision.Today, Canteen is the only nationwide vending company in the United States with over 200 company and franchise locations servicing locations in 48 states. Canteen is a member of the North American Division of Compass Group, the leading foodservice management and support services company with $13.6 billion (₤8.2 billion) in revenues in 2014 and over 500,000 associates worldwide. Canteen continues the great tradition that began back in 1929. Through a commitment to our clients and by listening to our customers, we continually work to redefine the vending experience with new quality initiatives that

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