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SWOT Analysis Digital Domain Digital Domain is a visual effects firm located in Venice, Los Angeles, California. In 1993 three entrepreneurs, James Cameron, Stain Winston, and Scott Ross, led an investment group to create Digital Domain. The investors included movie director Michael Bay, former Microsoft executive Carl Stork, and Co-chairman John Textor. They have 300 to 500 employees working at any giving time based on the number of current projects. Digital Domain strives for the production of high quality computer generated graphics. This is evident in the scene where a cow was being run over by a car in the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou”. The scene looked so real that the Humane Association required proof that the cow was CG before they could approve of the movie. Digital Domain has many strengths regarding company organization. The company’s unique think tank abilities help it solve the problems Hollywood directors face. Digital Domain’s facility is very logically organized to help their employees work efficiently. The company is flexible in that it employs different talents, ranging from domestic to international, to meet their project needs. They also use sophisticated versions of the product management software Oracle that monitors time, capital, and due dates for projects at any given time. Digital Domain also uses PERT charts and GANT charts to help their managers complete contract projects on time and on budget. To help stay within budget this service company uses simpler tools early in their production using fewer resources while still maintaining high quality goods resulting in “lean manufacturing”. Digital Domain also has its weaknesses. The company is a third party to Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) which gives them limited ownership rights. Digital Domain Due to the limitations on time and budget of fixed contracts, the quality of their

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